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Upcoming events

Are You Serious Pitch
Sept 25, 6pm
RSVP here

Hatchery organizes events to educate and bring the tech community together in New York and other cities.  We are about collaboration — working with community organizations, venture groups, and of course all of you.

The Gauntlet:  Themed pitch events showcasing 3 interesting companies — helping them take thenext step.  This is an invitation only event.

Are You Serious:  Monthly pitch event focused around education.  Teaching by showing.  Very direct honest feedback meant to improve pitches and companies.

Hatch Match:  Once yearly event where New York's investor and entrepreneur community come together in a series of meetings and massive networking.

Hackathons:  Organized with tech companies and development community to bring about innovation, mentorship, and fun.

Conversations:  Gatherings of great minds to discuss hot issues in technology.

Wonder Women Dinner Series:  Private invitation only dinner series of successful women.



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