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Are You Serious Pitch
Sept 25, 6pm
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Pitch Presentations

Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, Emerging and Established companies are forever pitching, whether it be for funding, sales or awareness. Its not what they pitch, but how they do so. The manner and style in which presentations are made, tell the audience as much about the presenter/company as the substance itself. A presentation is indeed the sum of its parts: not one story but a series of them leading from one to the next until the case is made for "pitch".

The Hatchery works with presenters to best understand what they have to say and how to say it. Before anyone gets near to PowerPoint,  a series of questions are posed to gauge a presenter's preparedness, self-awareness and knowledge of the subject matter:

  • what is the name of your company
  • what is the mission statement – one sentence
  • who comprises your team
  • what issue/pain is to be resolved/addressed
  • what is the solution
  • what is the addressable market/target markets (what are the acquisition costs)
  • what is the competitive landscape
  • is there current revenue/customers and/or clients in the pipeline
  • what are the revenue streams/sources
  • what are the financial projections
  • what are the bases/models for these projections
  • how much of an investment is envisioned
  • how will be the money be spent
  • thanks and be prepared to take questions, lots of them


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