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Are You Serious Pitch
Sept 25, 6pm
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About Us

One of the key reasons why Northern California is a hotbed of technology innovation and investment is that there is a culture of collaboration, even between groups that could be seen as competitors. In contrast, New York's approach is far more 'cutthroat,' meaning that organizations often work against each other out of habit. The Hatchery is breaking this mold by fostering an environment in which innovation can thrive. As a result, we have forged a real bond with entrepreneurs and investors who trust us as an impartial forum for them to meet and build the connections they need to grow.


Mission Statement

The Hatchery was founded in 2007 on the fundamental principle that all technology companies have the right to access business experts and leading-edge information. We believe that New York City is the best place for innovation, communication and finance to create a leading national technology hub.


About the Founder

Yao-Hui Huang

Yao-Hui Huang is a highly entrepreneurial executive who works with businesses and startups in many industries with a focus on technology, helping them to grow their organizations in a market-smart and cost-effective way. Yao has started and run several companies in the technology, digital media, and venture space.

She is a Founder and Managing Director of The Hatchery, a venture collaboration organization with international reach bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and investors through resources, advisory, funding and building communities.  She has had multiple successes as an entrepreneur and supports other companies in advisory and C level management roles.  With greater and greater needs and access by entrepreneurs, The Hatchery was found.


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